Coat of Arms

26 Jan

For the murder mystery night, we decided that coat of arms on the walls would be a good way of covering up existing wall features within the hall that were not removable, and were not theme orientated. Additionally, it would be a fantastic way to set the mood. We stalked the local supermarkets to get large packing boxes that would suit our purpose, and using a stanley knife, Joe cut out the shapes of the cardboard for me. We scoured the internet for various designs for coats of arms, and the colours used for general pageantry. With these designs in mind, I set out to create my coat of arms.

Using cheap poster paint, I gave each piece of cardboard two – three coats of white base paint, and laid them flat to dry. I had to be careful, cause the drying cardboard had a habit of wanting to curl.

Next, I would use a sheet of artists carbon paper (not as messy as normal carbon paper) to sketch my template into place. I would also draw on any line work at this point.

Once I was happy with the design placement, I would use my old and dying Jo Sonja paints (omg, what a travesty!) to paint the design into place.

Finally, Id use my Jo Sonja vanish to add that gorgeous gloss finish, and let them dry a good 48 hours. IF they were still curling at all, I used heavy books to flatten them for a few days.

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