Pageantry Pennants

26 Jan

The hall we hired for our event was so large, that the thought of trying to decorate such a large space was overwhelming. When we looked for various events, we found that brightly coloured pennants displaying various pageantry coats of arms are often used by conversationalists. With this idea in mind, we set out to make some pennants that would help set the theme and mood.

I used cheap bits of felt which we purchased from Spotlight for $1.50 per pack of 3. I purchased several packs with various colour options.

Using good quality scissors , I cut the bottom of each length into an arrow shape, and using a hot glue gun, glued the tops back to from a loop which our raffia rope would later go through for hanging. To save time, we did several backing pennants at once, and put them aside for later use.

Joe spent a good deal of time researching images that would make good icons for the pennants, and would often strip out the colour and resize them for our needs before printing them off. We often thought about what colours we would want our icons to be that would be good contrasts to the backing pennants. This process was aided by a colour wheel. A piece of felt was placed over the printed icons and either held up to the light or to a window, the design of the pattern could be seen through the felt. Drawing them onto the felt was easy. A light box would have been awesome, but a window was a good substitute. Once they were traced on, we just cut them out, and used a black felt texta to etch on any design highlights or details that were needed.

Finally, a hot glue gun was used to glue the icons onto the backing pennants, and a raffia rope was threaded through the looks for easy hanging.

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