Weapons of Choice

28 Jan

We decided that no medieval event would be complete without the usual array of weapons. Below are our “weapons of choice”, so to speak.


The lances were the easiest of all the weapons to make. We went to spotlight and asked them for old fabric rolls. They gave us three at no charge. I gave them a very quick and rough coat of brown to make it look like grained wood. Joe made the lance tips by making a cone out of cardboard which I spray painted with silver paint. Then all I needed to do was affix the lance heads onto the shafts with the aid of a hot glue gun. Easy and effective!


Our axes were a little trickier to make. Joe found a template on the internet for the flat axe head shape. He used lots of tape to fold then into shape and to secure the front and back together. He used newspaper to stuff into the middle to hold the form and made sure he left enough room in the centre for the shaft to go through.

To give them a little more strength, we paper mached the axe heads with a few layers of newspaper before giving them a coat of silver spray paint. We were able to score a cheap piece of metal tubing (like a curtain rod) for the axe handles. To finish them off I just used the hot glue gun to glue the handles in. They are still quite simple and will make very effective decorations for the wall.

A similar template to our axe heads can be seen here.

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