Poor Man’s Cabonara

15 Feb

This post is a bit of a catch up post. I actually made this the other night, but forgot to blog about it, until now! This was one of those “What will I make?” short notice type of meals that turned out to be delicious. Enjoy.

Ingredients (Serves 3)

½ packet of pasta shells

120g shredded ham

1 onion, chopped finely

1 can evapourated milk

2 teaspoons minced garlic

1 teaspoon chilli flakes

¼ cup chopped parsley

½ – 1 cup white cooking wine

splash of olive oil

1 tablespoon of cornflour mixed with a little water


  1. Cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packet. Rinse well when cooked.
  2. In a wok heat the oil. Add the garlic, onion and chilli flakes. Cook on a moderate heat until opaque. Add a little wine and allow to evaporate off to stop the onion mixture from burning.
  3. Add the ham and parsley, and cook for a minute or two before pouring in the evaporated milk. Simmer til the sauce reduces slightly. If you desire a thicker sauce, add a *little* amount of the cornflour mixture at a time, stirring continuiously until thickened to the desired amount. Stir through pasta and serve immediately with a little grated parmasen cheese


  • Diabetics Note: My BGL’s were fine after this meal, but you should be careful about what pasta you use. I found one that is quite good on the carbs. Of course, watch your serving size also.
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