Veggie Patties with Bean Salad

17 Feb

Thursday night is pulses and lentils night in our house. I was going to do up a quick dahl, but ended up with this creation. The veggie patties were purchased from one of our all time favourite local veggie shops – Beanz Salad Bar. They were absolutely delicious, so locals should definitely check them out!  The low fat salad was inspired by the That’s Life recipe book that is on the cover of the current edition. I am not one for buying magazines generally, but there was a recipe or two that caught my eye so I decided to buy the magazine to get the free recipe booklet. Well worth it, cause this recipe is a gem!


1 can of cannellini beans – rinse and drain well

1 continental cuecumber – seeded and cut into bite size peices

1 container of baby roma tomatoes – cut in half

¼ – ½ cup basil leaves

½ cup flat leaf parsley

2 cloves of garlic (or more!)

juice of one lime

splash of olive oil

toasted pine nuts to garnish

salt and pepper to taste


Toss all ingredients in a bowl, ensuring an even coating over all the vegetables. Serve.


This was an absolute treat, flavour wise. Joe and I adored it, but Brittany rejected the beans. For me, nothing beats loads of garlic with slatherings of flat leaf parsley. It just reminds me of my childhood, and I thought of my grandma a lot while cooking this. (She made a very similar dish with potatoes when I was a kid which I will recreate in the very near future!)

I suspect that other pulses such as red kidney beans or butter beans may be substituted with similar results.

Diabetic Note: My BGLs were a tad low after this one. I suspected there would be enough cabs in the beans, but I was wrong. A slice of bread probably would have worked.


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2 responses to “Veggie Patties with Bean Salad

  1. offmotorway

    February 18, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Pulses night is a great idea, and I love the look of the salad!

    • mizrhi

      February 18, 2012 at 8:50 am

      It was really lovely. Clean, fresh flavours. The idea behind pulses night is to learn to cook with them more often. Lentils is also acceptable on pulses night.


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