02 May

Housekeeping – essential for making the beds, delivering the fresh towels and for leaving cute little chocolates on the pillows. Ahh how we love them. It’s not what I wanted to talk about though. It’s a slow news week, so I thought I would ask some favours.

Guest Writer

I am currently looking for guest writers. You can either write a piece for this blog, or exchange a post with me (ie: I’ll write one for you too!). I am looking for on theme recipes – what is sustainable &/or ethical to you and why? Perhaps you have a family traditional recipe that you would like to share? Perhaps its your favourite food type, or theme? The sky is the limit really; I only ask that it avoids fish and beef for obvious reasons.


There is a bloggy milestone coming up that I would like to celebrate, and I am thinking of doing a competition of some variety. What do you think? Anything you would like to see / do in particular?


Are you on Facebook? Perhaps you would “like” my blog and help spread the love. If you are really liking what you see here, maybe you could kindly share a post or two!


To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question!


Finally, thank you for the comments you chose to leave. They are such a great guide for helping me deliver quality reading to you. If there is anything that you would like to add, please drop me a line in the comments section below &/or answer the poll below.

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