Roast pork, slow cooker style

13 Aug

Slow cooked roast pork

Everyone has made roasts in slow cookers. It’s a fabulous way to make a delicious meal when you have a busy day ahead. And it’s so easy. After all, it’s just prepping the meat and veggies and dropping them into the slow cooker and letting the slow cooker do the work while you go off for the day. Easy peasy, right?

Today I wanted to share something simple with you. Brittany likes crispy potatoes. Who doesn’t? Problem is, the slow cooker doesn’t brown the vegetables. So here is what I did. I cut the soft crackling off the pork and allowed the pork to rest covered with aluminium foil. In a sauté pan, I rendered off the pork skin, making some crispy crackling.

What is a pork roast with out the crackling?

After I removed the crackling, I threw the potatoes in the pan and used the pork fat to brown the potatoes and bring in that delicious crunch. After I crisped up the potatoes, I used the left over juices to make a rich gravy.

It’s a difficult but delicious trade-off. Yum!

Ethically, I’ve used the whole cut, even the fat and juices. For the health conscious consumer like diabetics, pork fat is high in saturated fats and is not the best choices. There are may scientific links between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease. The choice to consume or limit your intake is ultimately yours. Generally I avoid it, but today, I indulged.



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One response to “Roast pork, slow cooker style

  1. narf77

    August 13, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    Pork, bacon, and sausages are the stuff of vegan nightmares! There is something about pork that can’t be released from your psyche if you have transitioned from meat eating to veganism. I don’t care WHO you are…if you ate it, and you loved it, you are telling fibs to suddenly go all puritanical on its ass when you turn vegan. Pork is the bomb! Yours looks amazing Rhianna. I love crispy roast potatoes with a silky soft centre and who cares what else I get on my plate…load it up with roast potatoes :). Another fantastic meal for your family and I hope they appreciate your efforts because you are a really great cook 🙂


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