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Gourmet Garden Cook Off: Lamb Cutlets

It’s here!

Today is the day I cook off in the semi finals of the Gourmet Garden Cook Off. A full report will follow, but I thought Id share with you what I will be cooking.


[ Serves: 3  |  TIME: 30 MINUTES  |  COST: $10  ]
[  JoeS RATING:  4.5  / 5  |  MY RATING: 4  / 5 ]


6 organic lamb cutlets – cleanly Frenched
1 cup bread crumbs
2 Free Ranged Eggs
1 tablespoon Gourmet Garden Chunky Garlic Paste
1 teaspoon Gourmet Garden Thyme Paste
1 teaspoon Gourmet Garden Rosemary Paste
zest of 1 lemon
20g butter
splash of oil
salt and pepper


  1. To prepare the meat, ensure that the bones are perfectly Frenched, leaving a raw exposed bone at the end. Use aluminium foil to wrap the exposed bones to keep them clean until serving.
  2. In one bowl, scramble the egg and set aside.
  3. In one bowl, add the bread crumbs, garlic, thyme, and rosemary and lemon zest. Using your finger tips, mix the ingredients to ensure even distribution.
  4. Using the aluminium covered bones for ease of handling, dip the meat into the egg wash, using a spoon if necessary to ensure the meat is evenly covered in egg wash. Drip off excess.
  5. Lay the egg covered meat into the bread crumb mixture and use a spoon to ensure that the bread crumbs evenly coat the meat. Use the back of a spoon to press the meat down into the mixture before shaking off excess.
  6. Repeat the egg wash and bread crumb stages to apply a double coat of crumbs to each cutlet.
  7. Add the butter and a splash of oil to a warmed frying pan and bring to a moderate heat. Place the cutlets into the pan and cook for 4 minutes. Turn over and cook for another 2 – 3 minutes until golden brown.
  8. Remove the cutlets from the pan and allow to rest on a plate for 4 – 5 minutes before serving. Cover the meat with aluminium foil to keep it warm.
  9. Serve with seasonal vegetables and yoghurt dressing.


  • I will be serving this meal with seasoned vegetables tossed in garlic butter.
  • Diabetic Note: This meal isn’t too bad. It’s a little naughty with the bread crumbs but the vegetables have no carbs in it so it is balanced over all. Be gentle with the frying, though. Excess oil isnt always good.
  • Ethical Note: I had to decide what to cook for this meal that would take less than 30 minutes to prepare, cook and plate. I have decided to do a family favourite but put my own spin on it with the organic and free ranged choices. Hopefully my message will reach a larger audience.
  • Stay tuned, guys – I promise to post the results of the competition in about eight hours after the competition.

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Illuminating Blogger Award

For some time now, I’ve been watching the awards flying around my favourite bloggers sites with some moments of envy waiting for someone to look my way and consider my blog deserving and worthy of recognition. There is something mighty special and incredibly powerful about being recognised by ones peers and such recognition can not be taken lightly or ignored. And so it is with much excitement that I relay to you, dear readers, that today I have been recognised by regular reader Narf77 from The Road to Serendipity for the  Illuminating Blogger Award.

The award requires me to do a few things. Firstly, I must thank Fran from Serendipity Farm for bestowing this award on me. Your journey to sustainable lifestyles on your Tasmanian farm is quite inspirational (and stuff of jealousy and envy!), and I am so glad we found each other on the interwebs! Thank you, friend.

Next, I must share one thing about myself. This tid bit of personal information will be nothing new for people who regularly follow my other blog The Environmental Rhi-Source, but for quite sometime I was a wildlife carer who specialised in reptiles and bats. In my role as a reptile handler, I would often be required to move snakes away from potential areas of conflict with humans. In this photo below, I am handling a venomous Red Bellied Black Snake, one of my favourite Australian snakes.

And now I must nominate a few people to also receive the award. This is the real difficult part. Five blogs who inspire me. Only five?!?! These nominations appear in a random order.

Charles and Kimberly’s Recipes – A great food blog filled with delicious recipes. Just the other day they put up the most amazing scallops recipe that looks divine!

Danny’s Kitchen has become quite the food bloggers blog. Danny has a unique blogging style that is warm and inviting and his new videos staring DJ have become a run away hit.

Korena in the Kitchen has been such a strong sourdough influence for me of late. Sourdough lovers should check some of her more recent posts regarding sourdough pastries for some mouth-watering inspiration.

Terrified Tastebuds is my source of food porn! Deb makes some amazing foods through her chef classes and really is an amazing cook and blogger.

Ragamuffin Diaries never ever fails to impress me. I have featured some of Rebekah’s stuff here with delight. Be sure to check out her recent vegan choc peanut butter spread for some inspiration!

There are so many other blogs I would love to bestow some blog award love to, but they will have to wait until I get another award!

One again, thank you Fran and the Illuminating Blogger Award program.



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