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I recently blogged about the delicious produce I recently got from Byron Bay Farmers Markets. That post lead to a wonderful exchange with regular reader, Ragamuffin. It turns out that Ragamuffin lives in Alaska. She related how farmers markets are not available for 8 months a year, and sometimes a trip to the produce store may be 6 hours long. I have never considered how difficult it would be for someone to get fresh produce living in such an extreme climate. I can not relate to that type of restrictions for fresh produce as it is such a huge part of our daily diet here.

Once every week or two, we order a $35 box of fresh produce from Fruitos Direct. On the off weeks, we visit farmers markets. In this way, we are able to access a wide range of local and state sourced produce. We specify what we would like in our Fruitos delivery, and I usually aim to get seasonal fruits and vegetables that the whole family will enjoy. I thought of Ragamuffin today as I unloaded my box. I wish everyone had fair and equal access to such gorgeous fresh produce.


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The home alone lunch

Oh woe is me! Joe and Brittany are at work, and I am home from Uni!

I would normally whip something together for lunch for the family before Joe goes to work. Usually, everyone in my family goes off to work after a warm and nutritious meal, but today wasn’t one of those days. I had an unexpected exam that kept me away from home during the time frame that I would normally organise lunch. As a result, I found myself alone, at home and hungry, pondering my luncheon prospects. After digging around in the fridge, I came up with this.

I toasted up some garlic and rosemary sour-dough baguette before adding some caramelised onions and char grilled peppers. This little dish was completed with some Boconcinni cheese and Kalamata olives. Yup, my life is good….


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