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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

Every Friday, the fine folk over at The Daily Post issue a weekly photo challenge. This weeks challenge is Dreaming.

Dream. We chose this week’s photo challenge subject because it utilizes one technique we love to play around with: long exposures. Sometimes we use a neutral density filter; other times, we go organic and get the aperture, ISO and shutter speed to align perfectly in an effort to give our shots an otherworldly sense of escapism. (Using a long exposure is also a great way to blur people and other unwanted “noise” out of your photo.)

Kitty has a dream…

My kitty has a dream. Maybe that dream is to be a real human and drink from the tap, or to be a lolcat star – I can’t decide which.

Kitty dreams of fine tastes

Recently a parcel from Maggie Beer arrived containing some much awaited verjuice. I was trying to photograph the products when the kitty wanted in on the action. I am pretty sure all the photos have a nose and whiskers in them. She dreams of being the centre of attention…

Kitty dreams what the smells may mean

Kitty smells all new things and I am sure she dreams about hidden kitty enemies. Ahh how she dreams.

Mostly kitty dreams of sun light fields.

This perhaps is the ultimate kitty dream. Kitty is an inside cat and has never been outside. She does however love to sit on the windowsill and watch the happenings of the day, dreaming of fields of clover. Ahh, keep dreaming, Kitty!


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